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In the reservoir

The faint light from the Charter Stones seems to turn everything to muted grey and gold from behind Sabriel's half-closed eyes. It is warm here in the centre of the reservoir, slowly melting away the chill from crossing the water earlier. She lies still in the bottom of the boat so as not to jar her leg; it still hurts, but by now in a healthier, sorer way as the spells drain away the inflammation and infection, bolstered by the strength of the Charter stones above.

The stones are always comforting, although sometimes if she thinks too deeply, she wonders if the darker traces on the rock under the flow of charter marks are Touchstone's blood, from the many months he had spent mending them. And then she remembers coming down here the first time, into the horror of black water broken stones and oncoming Dead.

Maudlin thoughts, and probably feverish.

She closes her eyes all the way, and wills the Charter to heal her faster. There's so little time for anything, these days.
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"I'm not sure," Touchstone reluctantly replied. "The reasons they make public in Ancelstierre are populist rubbish, pandering to the fears of the countryfolk. But there has to be a reason why someone here is supplying them with gold 0 enough gold to buy the twelve seats they've picked up in the Moot. I fear that reason may have something to do with the fact that we have not been able to find more than a score of the thousand people who were sent across a month ago, and none of that score alive. The rest have simply vanished - "

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"How could that many people disappear? Surely they would leave some trace," interrupted Ellie, "Perhaps I should go-"
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"No." It amused Touchstone that his daughter thought that she could do better than himself at it. A good thing in a future ruler, that confidence. But his tone and expression sobered as he continued. "This is not as simple as it appears, Ellimere. Sorcery is involved. Your mother thinks that we will find them when we least want to, and that they will not be living when we do."

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He stood up and drew one of swords out. Holding it out he searched out to the Charter, letting the Marks flick out into the cold air like liquid fire.

The Marks glittered and jumped from stone to stone, until the roared into a crown of sparkling fire, weaving into a protective crown.
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Looking over the side of the barge, Sam saw that the fire had even spread under water that created a net of marks on the floor.

The magical barrier completely enclosed them and it relied on the power of the Great Stones, he wanted to ask his father how it was done, but there wasn't time.

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Ellie curls her hand around her mother's, taking some comfort from the familiar strength.

"But I thought the Clayr could See everything," she says, distinctly off-balance and hating every moment of it. "I mean, they often get the time wrong, but they still See."

"Don't they?"
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"Over the past four or five years the Clayr have become aware that their Sight is clouded, and possibly has always been clouded, in the region around the eastern shores of the Red Lake and Mount Abed," Touchstone said grimly. It bothered him that they couldn't See there. Even if it wasn't where the king's influence held.

"A large area, which not coincidentally is also where our royal writ does not hold true. There is some power there that opposes both the Clayr and our Authority, blocking their Sight and breaking the Charter Stones I have set there."

His palms twitched as he said that. The need for going back there when this was all done would be strong and he would have to make it a high priority.

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"Well, shouldn't we call out the Trained Bands and take them and the Guard and go down there and sort it out once and for all?" protests Ellimere, former Captain of the Wyverly College hockey team.
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"The necromancer woman,"

Sam interrupted, he remembered the story since he'd been thinking a lot about necromancers lately,

"The one with the bronze mask."
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"The..the necromancer?"

His voice squeaks and he knows everyone must be able to hear the fear in his voice as he rubs at his wrists as his sleeves ride up, showing his burned skin.

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"What plans?" asks Ellimere, "What are they...it...whatever...going to do?"
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There's a long silence after she finishes speaking and Sam found his imagination filling with a host of the Dead.

It was too easy to imagine Life-starved corpses stretching from horizon to horizon and towards him.

He wouldn't show just how frightened he was, he couldn't so he just gripped his mother's hand tightly.
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Speaking into the silence, breaking it, Touchstone said, "That will not happen, of course." He said it firm as if there was no other option. No other possibility. "We will make sure that it doesn't, that the refugees never even cross the Wall. However, we can't stop the on our side. The Wall is too long, with too many broken gates and too many old Crossing Points on the other side. So we must ensure that the Ancelstierrans don't send them across in the first place. Consequently your mother and I have decided to go to Ancelstierre ourselves - secretly, so not to arouse alarm or suspicion. We will go to Covere and negotiate with their government, which will undoubtedly take several months. That mans we will be relying on you two to look after the Kingdom."
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Sam wasn't sure what to think of that, he knew Ellimere would manage but could he?

After swallowing a few times to gather his courage, he said, "What, ah, exactly do you mean?"
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"As far as both our friends and enemies need to know, I will be on a diplomatic mission to the barbarian chefs at their Southern Stop, and Sabriel will be going about her business as mysteriously as she always does," replied Touchstone. "In our absence, Ellimere will continue as co0regent with Jall Oren -everyone seems to have become accustomed to that. Sameth, you will assist her. But most important, you will continue in your studies of the Book of the Dead."
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Sam undid the straps and felt quite sick since he knew he has to tell them now.

Inside there was an oilskin-wrapped package that he slid out slowly as his fingers felt cold and clumsy and his eyes felt blurry.
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Scowling Touchstone said,"Except for when I caught that salmon last year."

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