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Sabriel had meant to stay in the bar after speaking to Blodwen, but the experience had shaken her more than she had liked to show. The woman is terrifying just by being, and yet so apparently rational, so cool. Kerrigor had retained his wits, but no ability to mimic humanity in conversation that way, and yet...

They are all too alike.

The Abhorsen has seen a great deal in her years since taking up the bells, but there are some things that still frighten her.

She really must speak with Sameth. Her own door is still gone, but if his is back... far better if he is away. The forge would seem her most likely chance of finding him, so there is her first port of call, knocking on the door and then peering in anyway.

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Honestly, he's not sure if he's ready to go through it just yet so he's been working in the forge.

When she knocks, he doesn't look up since he's in the midst of trying to figure out how to make a spring work in a sort of leg and so waves to the person at the door.

As the Marks slip onto the metal, he uses a touch of sodering and then sets it down,

"Do you mind if I just see if this works? I'll be glad to help you after that."


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