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Does the walker choose the path, or the path the walker?

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Sabriel is Queen of the Old Kingdom, and current Abhorsen. She is a tall woman with starkly contrasting black hair and eyes, and very white skin, with a faint charter mark just visible on her forehead. She is in her mid-thirties, and carries herself with the grace of one used to physical exertion, as well as the assurance of her station.

At all times, unless otherwise noted, she wears a bandolier carrying seven bells of decreasing size. They are of a dark, smooth metal, and unlike normal necromancer's bells, all are covered with the faint shapes of Charter marks. They are Ranna, the Sleeper; Mosrael, the Waker; Kibeth, the Walker; Dyrim, the Speaker; Belgaer, the Thinker; Saraneth, the Binder; and Astarael, the Weeper.

Things to know

Sabriel is the Abhorsen, duty-bound to prevent the Dead from returning to life and wreaking havoc. The bells and the Charter-spelled sword she carries are both weapons against them, but they may also affect the living, and herself, too, if she is not careful.

She has an instinctive 'death-sense' that alerts her to the presence of souls brought out from death, either by their own power or by a Free Magic necromancer. In Milliways, this will be muted, as the bar is a halfway house, but once she figures out what the difference is, she will probably be able to tell the difference between dead and living patrons. If you don't want this to come up, for any reason, leave a comment here. The Landlord is the ultimate Deus ex Machina.

Canonically, the Charter, source of her spell-casting, is only mainly present in the Old Kingdom, and fades quickly outside it's borders, although it is growing stronger through Sabriel's work, and that of her husband, King Touchstone I. In Milliways, it will work as though they were within reasonable distance of a Charter Stone, and her spells will be perfectly functional. Other worlds will depend entirely on narrative causality individual assessment of the mythology in question.

There is a small silver ring with a red stone on her hand at all times. It is entirely unremarkable, unless your name is Mogget.

This is a nonprofit roleplaying journal for [info]milliways_bar. Sabriel and the Abhorsen trilogy are the property of Garth Nix, and are in no way linked to the player.
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